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Canterbury Christ Church University Business School Accessibility Research

Welcome to the AccessOnto project

The AccessOnto project is a not-for-profit project sponsored by Canterbury Christ Church University to provide accessibility resources for programmers and web designers to help meter out, specify and measure accessibility requirements.

The resources are also useful for people with disabilities including essentials such as links to short cut keys for a variety of packages and links to assistive technologies. they also include country data such as country telephone codes, international codes, languages, currency and so on for general purpose use, as well as providing links to language translation tools.

All resources are currently offered free of charge.

The AccessOnto project has two overarching aims:

1.Gather and provide data on Directions and Demands on Accessibility

Current work in this area includes:

  • Collection of data on the kind of accessibility resources they would like to see being made more readily available
  • Collection of data on topical issues such as:
    • Accessibility legislation
    • Assistive technologies
    • Evaluation tools
    • Design guidelines and other industry initiatives

2. Align Accessibility initiatives with traditional software engineering

Current work in this area involves development of an ontology for accessibility requirements specification, AccessOnto, which  provides semantics for methodology independent abstraction of accessibility requirements on requirements models.

AccessOnto is currently under development - the working version is downloadable from this site.