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Accessibility Tips for Motor Impairment

Some causes of motor impairment


General Solutions 


 More specific solutions

Adaptable Keyboards


The Maltron keyboard (www.maltron.co.uk)


Eagle Eyes

Adaptable mice

Head pointing devices

Sensory input (eye gaze (muscular and retinal recognition), touch)



Hardware for some users with physical disabilities who can only control the computer with one or two specific movements. Switches are used with software that scans through options on the screen allowing the user to trigger the switch when the option they wish to choose is highlighted. Single switches can be used in conjunction with on-screen keyboards and word prediction software. The scanning software can be used to create customized screen layouts for use with a variety of software. However, every clickable spot in the layout must be identified manually in advance.
E.g. Keyboard control pedals


Controls on assistive tools

E.g. Mouth operated wheelchairs; Cursor ball wheelchairs