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Accessibility Tips for Visual Impairment

This page provides tips and resources for users that have a number of forms of visual impairment

*Total blindness

*Low vision

*Bifocal vision

*Color blindness

* Peripheral Blindness


General Accessibility Tips for users with Visual Impairment

 Typical Access methods: 


Optical Character Recognition system (OCR). 

With the attachment of a scanner and an OCR package, text can be sent to the PC and with one of the above access devices a user with limited vision is able to read a printed document without any sighted assistance. 

Descriptive video service


Input tools for blind users


Accessibility Tips for users with Low vision

See http://www.webaim.org/simulations/lowvision for a low vision simulation 

Accessibility tips for short-sighted users

Typically such users:

Design solutions for short-sighted users


Accessibility Tips for Long-sightedness users


Accessibility tips for users who wear bifocals

Accessibility tips for users with photosensitive epilepsy

Typically such users:

Design solutions for users with photosensitive epilepsy

Sites that focus mainly of visual impairments (Accessibility tools and Resources)

 Accessibility Inc  http://www.customeyes.com 
 Ai Squared  Ai Squared Home 
Artic Technologies http://www.artictech.com
Blazie Engineering  
GW-Micro  http://gwmicro.com 
Innoventions  http://www.magnicam.com/magnicam 
Syntha-Voice http://www.synthavoice.on.ca
TeleSensory http://www.visual-techconnection.com/
Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) http://www.rnib.org.uk/

Major resource for information, guidelines and publications for visually impaired - a must for accessibility designers (in-depth expos� at http://www.rnib.org.uk/xpedio/groups/public/documents/code/public_rnib001974.hcsp

Royal Victoria Institute for Blind (RVIB)  http://www.rvib.org.au

Established in 1866 for employment, training, rehabilitation, education, library and information services

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